Menu Editing : Chef Stefanos Mertzanoglou


Green and Red Lola greens, purple arugula, strawberries, barley soil, strawberry vinaigrette 10,3€
Minoan salad, citrus dressing, cherry tomatoes, spring onion 10,5€
Couscous, carrot & zucchini pappardelle, florin pepper, mustard leaf, feta mousse 9,2€


Ceviche/Tartare – wild caught fish (ask us for availability) 20€
Octopus carpaccio, aromatic wheat tabbouleh, lemon vinaigrette 13€
Fresh beetroot salad, grated walnut, Serifos cheese flakes, spinach leaves 10€


Country potatoes, Greek cheese sauce, smoked paprika, fresh oregano 5,2€
Chickpea balls, herb yoghurt, cream of florina pepper, sesame honey sauce 9€
Roasted cauliflower, manouri cream, fresh black truffle, freshly chopped herbs 10€
Batzos (traditional goat cheese) rolls, orange – vanilla jam, roasted almond 11,5€


Fish of the day (open sea), wild greens fricassee, caper sauce, from 26€
Little Rooster in wine, fresh mushrooms, smoked graviera cheese, herbs 20€
Deconstructed rabbit pie, broccoli, graviera, estragon sauce, lathouri 18€
Sheep burger, 6-month aged yellow cheese, caramelized onions, tomato, Retro Gastro sauce 17€
Braised beef, eggplant cream, cherry tomatoes confit, au jus 23€
Mousaka rolls, minced mushrooms, béchamel, napolitain sauce (vegetarian/vegan) 18€
Black Pork in Dutch oven, lemon risotto, apple sauce 20€


Cheesecake, seasonal fruit sauce 10€
Tsoureki homemade, bitter chocolate, almond powder, Greek coffee syrup 9€
Apple pie, cinnamon syrup, grated walnut, peanut butter cookie (vegetarian/vegan) 9€
Greek Spoon Sweets 5€

To share

Greek cheese platter 22€
Carpaccio of Greek veal (not always available) 20€

Some of the ingredients for our dishes are selected from Greek producers:

Lentils, Oatmeal, Fava beans & Chickpeas from Farsala Sofia Timoleon Mushrooms Akritas Embrikidis Grevena
Aged Gravieras Georgios Paraskevopoulos Serifos
Cheese Plato from Musthenis Farm Kavala
Cheese Batzos Cheese Factory Paiko Yannitsa
Greek Bio Veel Vrachykeratiki Tribe, Giannis Tzitzouras Ait/Nia
Black Pork Bio Kudros, Aitoloakarnania
Pasta from Buffalo Milk Traditional Pasta of Ano Porion
Jams – Spoon sweets Marimar Vineyard of Larissa
Truffle Vassilis Ziogas (hunter)
Cretamo & Stamnagathi Geokyklos Agna Products of Crete
Rabbits & Roosters from Alexandraki Farm Crete
Fresh Fish Eftihis Kefalas

Our ingredients are coming from Greek producers and are bought in every day besis. Salads and seasonal ingredients of our dishes may be changed depending on every days markets

Our cellar is open to visits. Ask us for pairing your food with wine – beer. Inform us about allergies and food disorders.

Market regulator
Andreas Smyrlis Liakatas