Menu editing: Chef Dimitris Balaouras


Mixed Lola lettuce, escarole, sour apple, dried figs, rusks from Kithira Island, Honey 8,5€
Μung beans, baby spinach, marinated anchovy, cherry tomatoes, Twinleaf onion, pea sprouts, lemon dressing 9€
Kale, lettuce, Artichoke fillets, purple arugula, artichoke vinaigrette 9,2€
Couscous, carrot, zucchini, coloured bell peppers, baby spinach, Feta cheese 8,7€


Fried potatoes with their skin, kefalograviera cheese 4,5€
House Falafel, Greek yogurt with herbs, Florina pepper sauce, honey & sumac 8,5€
Baked Cauliflower, Manouri cheese cream, fresh truffle, seasonal herbs 9€
“Batzos” saganaki, caramelized onions, tomato marmalade, sesame seeds 9,5€
Green Pease pudding, sardines, butter tomatoes, basil 9,2€
Soup: Leeks & bacon 7€

Main Dishes

Fish of the day, seasonal greens or vegetables, Vermouth sauce 16€
12h slow-cooked Lamb with lemon butter sauce, Eggplant from Tsakona & bulgur, Cretan xynomyzithra cheese 20€
Rabbit pie, broccoli, tuberous pea, tarragon 15€
Florina pepper Pilaf, tsalafoyti cream, baked almond 15€
Βilly Goat from Aitoloakarnania, buffalo pappardelle, aged “Pit cheese” from Serifos island 23€
Burger from sheep 250gr meet, 6-month aged kasseri cheese, caramelized onions, tomato, house sauce & potatoes 16€

Our cellar is open to visits. Ask us for pairing your food with wine – beer. Inform us about allergies and food disorders.

To share

Plateau with various Greek cheeses & marmalades 22€
Carpaccio from 2-month and 9-month aged beef (not always available) 18€ & 30€


Tsoureki, dark chocolate 70-85% & clove, caramelized walnuts, Greek coffee syrop 8€
Handmade hot “Katoumari” from Castellorizo island, crème Anglaise, baked cereal grains 9€
Traditional Greek spoon sweets 5€ (not always available)

Parts of our dishes are from Greek Producers:

Billy Goat Ilias Saganas Aitoloakarnania
Fava, Peas, Lentils Ospria Farsalon Sofia Timoleon
Mushrooms Manitaropolion Delicatessen Hercule Seferiadis Drama
Goat Yellow Cheese George Paraskeuopoulos Serifos
Batzos Cheese “Paiko” Giannitsa
Traditional Pasta from buffalo milk Serres Ano Porrion
Marmelades / Spoon Sweets Marimar Ampelonas Larissa
Truffle Vasilis Ziwgas Trikala
Lamb ‘Lakonikon Esti’ Kuparissia
Critamo & Stamnagkathi “Geokyklos”Crete

Our ingredients are coming from Greek producers and are bought in every day besis. Salads and seasonal ingredients of our dishes may be changed depending on every days markets

Our cellar is open to visits. Ask us for pairing your food with wine – beer. Inform us about allergies and food disorders.

Market regulator
Andreas Smyrlis Liakatas