Main Dishes

Green mixed Salad with dried pears – cheese – pomegranate & tomato cherry 8,5 €
Quinoa Salad with Mango – Avocado – Lotus 8€
Fava with Capper Salad 7€
Rovitsa Salad – Smoked Mackerel – Mussels & tarama mousse 9€
Politiki Salad with different types of cabbage & homemade pickles 9€
Baked Cheese Mbatzos with tomato marmalade – onion 9,5€
Marinated Anchovies – Grilled Peppers Florin (red not hot) 7,5€
Smoked Eel – Poure of Carrots – Rice Crackers – Olive Caramel 13€
Portobello Mushrooms with Gkeremazi Crème (Greek cheese) & Peanut Praline 9€
Falafel with flavored yogurt & florinis peppers sauce 9€
Greek Style Potatoes Fried with feta Cheese – Spices – Oregano 4,5€
Raw Fish in different cuts (Tartar – Ceviche – Carpaccio) 16€
Veal Carpaccio (with spices & salt our chef’s choice) 15€
Dry Aged Veal in Carpaccio 25€
Kymi Island Shrimps in Orzo – Zucchini – fish Roe 14€
Risotto with Mushrooms & fresh truffle (wild & fresh not every day) 14€
Gioufkades (traditional homemade greek pasta) with truffle – mushrooms and aromatic butter 15€
Beetroot Risotto with pecorino Amfilohias (Greek yellow cheese) & dried nuts 14€
Lamb Burger along with spicy feta sauce – raw onion – tomato – bacon served with potatoes 14€
Braised Pork belly in Rakomelo Sauce with Sweet Potatoes in Poure 14€
Trahana with Pumpkin – Smoked chicken & sour sauce of red peppers (as an option also with cheese crème) 13€
Veal Chicks braised with celery root in poure 15€
Sweet of the Day 6€
Soup of the day (ask us)
Amarantidis Farm Dry Aged Veal T Bone 120€
Rib Eye or Five bone 110€ / kg
Moutsianas Veal T Bone / Tomahawk / Rib Eye 75€ / kg
Veal Liver Tagliata 20€ / kg
Dry aged Lamp 20€
Cheese Platter 15€ & 20€
Platters with cold meat (dry sausage – salami – ect) 15€ & 20€
Marinated Greek fish (mackerel – lakerda – sardins – ect) depending on seasoning 18€ & 22€

Some of the ingredients for our food are selected by Greek producers:

Μαύροι Γίγαντες Νόνα Ελευθερία φλώρινα
Φακές & Ρεβύθια από Όσπρια Φαρσάλων Σοφία Τιμολέων
Ζυμαρικά (κριθαράκι) από Σαν Άλλοτε Θάσος
Τυρί Μπάτζος Τυροκομείο Πάικος (Γιαννιτσά)
Ελαιόλαδο από Καμπιτάκης Γεώργιος Κρήτη – Ιωάννης Τσολομίτης Μάνη & ΝΟΜΙΑ Λακωνία
Αλάτια δίχως επεξεργασία Yummy by Stella
Κρέατα ωρίμανσης από Άρης Αμαραντίδης Δράμα
Φασιανός Αντώνης Χάλαρης
Αυγά Βούλα Χριστοδουλοπούλου
Μανιτάρια Χρήστος Μπελεγρίνης & Ακρίτας Εμπρικίδης
Τρούφα Βασίλης Κωνσταντινίδης
Τυριά από Κωστάκης Τυροκομικά
Καπνιστά Μύδια & Σκουμπρί από Βόρεια Εύβοια

Our cellar is open to visitors. We can recommend food pairings with wine – beer – spirits. Please inform us of any allergies or intolerances.

Market regulator
Andreas Smyrlis Liakatas